Book Review: Things We Do In The Dark

When Paris Peralta’s famous husband is found dead in the bathtub, it doesn’t take much time to pin the blame on the much younger, yoga-instructing spouse. But Paris isn’t your typical trophy wife. She enjoys having her own job, she seems to actually love her husband, and – most importantly – she doesn’t want any of her husband’s celebrity status. That’s because Paris has been running from something and with the notoriety that comes with a high profile murder trial, it’s about to find her.

While this thriller was somewhat predictable, there was something about Paris and Jimmy’s relationship that I really liked. It’s probably what most hooked me as the book explored the idea of trauma and abuse as powerful motivators. This is a good one for fans of Ginny and Georgia, whose second season just dropped and was promptly binged by yours truly.

4 out of 5 stars.

Pair with: Rum and diet coke with a maraschino cherry