Kong Sihk Tong

My old office was on the edge of Chinatown and for one of my last lunches I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the location. A random blog post led me to Kong Sihk Tong, a tiny little spot serving up Hong Kong street food.

I ordered flat curry noodles at the suggestion of the waitress and was very pleased. It was packed with protein (both meat and seafood) and it was nice to try a Hong Kong style curry since I was less familiar with it. Also, for less than $10 this is a great lunch deal.

The menu is broad and I wanted to dig into it. I couldn’t leave with only one item. Never having walked the streets of Hong Kong, I’ve never gotten to try Hong Kong street food and this is as close as I’m going to be able to get for the foreseeable future. For just a couple dollars I added a condensed milk bun to my order. Ummm is this what kids get as an after school snack in Hong Kong? Sign me up. It’s basically a thick burger bun, toasted, and painted with condensed milk. It’s delicious. After this meal I pretty much regret no longer working in the area.