Thank goodness we just had a long weekend. While they look a lot different nowadays and come with a whole new set of challenges trying to entertain a one-year-old who’s off school, last week really did me in so the extra day was very welcomed. Working (or trying to) while Finn was home sick was rough and I needed the day to recharge.

I am way behind on my NY Mag, but the last two weeks I’ve kept up on my NY Times and it’s been really nice. I’m sure things will change again soon enough, but I’m starting to push myself toward a weekend routine. This week’s Times featured a special travel section that really ignited my wanderlust. One of my New Years Resolutions was to make sure I visit with friends and this section spurred chats of a mini girls trip.

I’m trying to be better about filling up the time when home with Finn. I’ve tried to operate on a slow weekend schedule thus far: coffee and the paper before naptime and then maybe an afternoon activity. Noooo Finn needs to be up and out and about by 10 am. I’m starting to understand other parents a bit more. They fit in so many activities because they start earlier. On Sunday, we decided to fill up a large chunk of time with a trip to the Museum of Natural History. And when I realized that after four visits, it would pay for itself, we became members. Finn was able to crawl all over the whale room which meant he got some exercise and wasn’t stuck in a stroller all day. I can’t wait for future visits, but the best part of this visit was meeting up with one of Finn’s classmates. It was one of his first playdates and the two kiddos were adorable together.

Silvana is such a great hidden gem in our neighborhood. Great Israeli food and a lovely market experience supporting local artisans. It’s a nice place for a snack, a chat with a friend over tea, or jazz with some wine. Harlem actually has a rich Jewish history (previously of the largest populations in the world) and Silvana is almost a fusion of the Jewish and Black cultures that have called Harlem home.