Little Collins

Midtown is the last place that comes to mind when I think of coffee shop. And Little Collins isn’t the warm and cozy space that you imagine when you want to sip some coffee and read a book. It looks like coffee shop version of a downtown business district. It’s loud, bustling, and filled with chrome. Not (as I learned) a good place to take a work call. But the coffee is great, the food is yummy, and Aussies have such a cheeky attitude.

The whole menu looked wonderful, but I went with the chorizo breakfast burrito. I asked the waitress for advice saying I was hungry but not absolutely famished (I saw the size of some of the portions coming out of the kitchen). The burrito was filled with chorizo, eggs, mozzarella, cilantro, and potatoes – and this is not a situation where you just get a lot of plain egg and feel shafted on the rest of the fillings. It was served with a side of salsa verde and I also requested a side of one of the mayos from their sandwiches (lemon I think) and highly recommend the addition. I also got a coffee and, as expected, those Aussies did me right in that department.

If high energy and a particularly good menu top your list of coffee shop must-haves, Little Collins may be your best bet.