We got our first snow this week! It snowed overnight on Monday and although it was mostly melted by Tuesday, it’s still really beautiful to see. I don’t know that I love seeing it now that it’s March, but a true reminder of the seasons is nice. If I have to deal with the cold of New York, I should at least get a little pretty snow out of it!

A friend sent me a box of Crumbl Cookies as a surprise treat and mannnn these are good. I didn’t think they’d be my thing because I’m not into frosting and it looks like a lot of frosting. Turns out it’s not as thick as it looks and if you warm it in the microwave for about 10 seconds it’s a pretty epic cookie. They update the flavors weekly and I highly suggest seeing what the fuss is about.

On Friday, word started spreading that several neo-Nazi groups were organizing a Day of Hate for Saturday. We were told that the plan was non-violent (protesting, heckling, spreading hateful pamphlets, etc.) but to be vigilant. This was coming off the heels of protests outside the Broadway theater where Parade (a show about Jewish people) was playing. I am heartbroken that this is the world we live in. The similarities to the spread of Nazism in Germany is eerie. I am deeply saddened that I had to worry about taking my son out on Saturday. This should not be a concern. In the end, we decided we needed to stand tall and proud. As my dear friend Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” We marched ourselves to the JCC for playtime because it was important to show they can not destroy our vibrant community. Incidentally, Finn had the time of his life and smiled his biggest smile ever for 45 straight minutes. And he took his first solo steps.

After the JCC we had some time to kill before Finn’s bedtime so we decided to stroll for a bit on the way home. We also needed to pick up a little something for his supper and realized it was the perfect opportunity to hit up Zabar’s. It was the first time either of my Alberts had been inside the store and I’m so glad I could introduce them to the UWS icon.