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LIC Market

I was pretty bummed when Danielle announced she and Seth would be moving and no longer living (LITERALLY) five feet from my front door.  Bummed is an understatement, actually.  So just a few weeks after moving into their new Long Island City home, Albert and I decided to pay them a visit.  I had never been to LIC and kinda turned my nose up at it.  I haven’t heard anything about restaurants in the neighborhood and only knew it as a place to pass through on my way to the airport.  So, basically, when we went to visit, I discovered a whole new world, Aladdin style.

First of all, LIC is soooo close.  It was exactly 1 subway stop from our apartment.  And why is no one talking about all the adorable bars and restaurants there?!  I saw one after another after another.  What I didn’t see were boutiques, which means there is a major business opportunity there, but I digress…

Danielle and Seth had been wanting to try one of those adorable restaurants so we headed to LIC Market for some brunch.  I was hooked when I got there and realized they had grapefruit mimosas.  Pshh regular mimosas are so boring.  I sipped on my better, $6 mimosa in a cute garden area – perfect for a spring or fall day.  Most entrees have some sort of tex mex or latin ingredient: black beans, pulled pork, chorizo, rice in the frittata – it’s not overkill, though.  I ordered stirred eggs, which had been baked in a skillet with lentils and zucchini.  It was sort of a lentil version of shakshuka – very filling.  Across the the table there was also a brisket sandwich, pulled pork and eggs, and a dirty rice frittata.  Everyone seemed to find their meals enjoyable and served at a much better price point than in Manhattan.

And so begins my crush on LIC.

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