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Swordfish in a Lemon/Thyme Butter Sauce

Salmon is my go-to when it comes to fish, but Albert has been hinting that he likes swordfish and other “steaky” fish.  Truth be told, I like really firm fish, too…I just don’t always know how to cook it.  I decided to give it a whirl when I found this recipe on Pinterest.  Not only did it use exactly four ingredients, it is made in a cast iron skillet in UNDER 10 MINUTES.  If you’re not into steaky fish, that sentence right there should make you a convert.  I bought two huge swordfish steaks for $15 – that’s really cheap for fish.  So if you weren’t already convinced to try this based on the easy cooking method and short ingredient list, that price should have totally put you on Team Swordfish.

The recipe is so simple I texted it to my Mom the night I made it and the entire thing only took up half the screen:

  1. Put cast iron skillet in 400 degree oven to warm while you season one side of fish with salt and pepper
  2. Take skillet out of oven and put onto stove.  Lightly grease with cooking spray and place fish seasoned side down.
  3. Season other side of fish while it sears for one minute.  Flip and top each steak with a tbsp of butter, juice from fresh lemon, and fresh thyme.
  4. Transfer to oven and cook for 6 min.

The butter melts while it’s in the oven into a delicious but light lemony sauce.  It is the perfect meal for someone who shies away from fish because it’s not meaty enough.  And can we say healthy?!  Well, butter may not be terribly healthy, but let’s agree this meal ain’t bad for you.

swordfish with lemon thyme butter

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