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You probably don’t need an excuse to go to Eataly; I certainly don’t.  But just in case you haven’t been in a while and are looking for a reason to stop by, just know that they’ve been doing seasonal updates to their rooftop bar, La Birreria.  I never made it to their Alpine lodge winter version, so I wanted to make sure I got to check out Sabbia, their beachy summer version.  After Brittany and I did major damage at a Bandier sample sale (sorry, retail therapy was necessary) we decided to head there for a drink.

They have added some striped awnings, strung some new lights, and added some rope to give the whole place a seaside feel.  You won’t find any sand on the floor – it’s still sophisticated, but it does have more of an Amalfi Coast vibe…not that I’ve ever been there (bucket list, sigh).

The wine and beer selection is as good as always, and the whole place is just a teeny bit more colorful than La Birreria typically is.  And, of course, should you get hungry, there’s the yummy snacks of Eataly at your fingertips.  Thumbs up.


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