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When we didn’t want a heavy brunch on Saturday, Liz, Albert, and I headed back to the main drag of Adams Morgan for coffee and light bites at Tryst.  Liz told me it was owned by the same people as The Diner, and since I liked my meal there, I was down to try another restaurant in their group.

Though they’re owned by the same people, the vibes at the two restaurants are completely different.  The Diner looks like a traditional diner (duh), while Tryst tries to emulate Central Perk.  While plenty of coffee shops in NYC try to do this, the limited space makes it tough.  At Tryst, however, there is plenty of room for both tables and comfy couches, giving it an artsy vibe.


There’s also quite a menu for a coffee shop.  In addition to coffee drinks, there’s a full bar (the bloody mary menu looked solid) and everything from the standard pastries/quiches to more adventurous cafe items like jalapeno corn waffles, nachos, and tofu sandwiches.  We were there in the the morning so we weren’t going too crazy with the food.  Liz got a bagel, Albert got a fruit bowl, and I got a spinach and mushroom turnover that was delicious.


For coffees, Liz and I both got the chaipuccino, a chai latte with a shot of espresso.  It was a delicious coffee drink that was actually quite filling – I couldn’t even finish it!  I also thought the animal crackers that came alongside my coffee were an adorable touch.  Another great DC spot!

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