Quarantine Q&A: Update (Part 5)

Life at home is very normal at this point. As of last week NYC is in Phase 2, which means things are starting to open up, but I’m not exactly out and about because I’m trying to be careful which meeeans I’ve got more recommendations for how to spend your time. (For previous quarantine inspo: Part 4, Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1.)


  • Cooking/Recipes:
    • Jam – I just got three flavors of Trade Street Jam Co. and I’m excited to try some fun recipes. There used to be a speakeasy on the Bowery called Madame Geneva’s that made jam cocktails (basically a glass of gin with a spoon of jam perched on top that you stir in). I’m looking to create something similar at home.
    • Cold Brew & Bourbon – I talked to my mom while she was driving back from the beach house and she could not stop raving about this cocktail that my sister in law made. Allison said they’ve been sipping on this every weekend and is just as tasty with leftover coffee as it is with cold brew. I definitely plan to make this very soon.
    • Mexican Coleslaw – I’ve made this before but just rediscovered it when looking for something to bring to a backyard Father’s Day picnic. It’s easy and ideal for summer cookouts.
    • Yum Sauce – This copycat hibachi sauce is on my to-cook list. Since it’s grilling season, I can easily make all the proteins and veggies. Then it’s just about cooking up a pot of sticky rice.
  • Other Activities:
    • Dolly Parton Run – I had a meeting when this Peloton run aired live on Thursday, but I’ll be catching it on demand for sure. And if you haven’t already, take Chase Tucker’s Juneteenth run on demand – it’s fabulous, educational, and inspiring.
    • DIY Sweatsuit – Since quarantine, I’ve bought a few pieces of athleisure, but I couldn’t bring myself to invest in anything too trendy. $60+ for some tie dye sweats? No thanks. Instead, I ordered a pair of biker shorts ($7) and a sweatshirt ($10) from Hanes on Amazon, along with some patches. I’m gonna cut my sweatshirt into a crop and add a bit of customization to give myself a full outfit for under $30.


  • Books:
    • Everlasting Rose – I just started this sequel to The Belles.
    • Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? – I read this book years ago, but it’s been released with a new prologue that highlights its lasting relevance.
  • Movies:
    • Jimmy O. Yang – If you’re looking for a new comedy special, check out this one on Amazon Prime.
    • Do The Right Thing – I had only seen the first half of this iconic film (and can’t even tell you why I never finished it) so we planned our Friday night around watching it last weekend when we saw it was airing. It is a fantastic piece of cinema.
    • Boogie Nights – Another one I’d never seen in full before! Now that I have, I’m kinda surprised it didn’t win more awards.
    • Hamilton – A filming of the original Broadway cast is about to be aired on Disney+ and it may be the reason I upgrade my tv subscriptions.
  • TV:
    • Blood & Water – I watched the entire first season in a single day so, yeah, I’d say I liked it. Very happy Netflix just announced they were picking up for a second season. Combine a mystery of a missing girl with some prep school cattiness (and insanely attractive actors) and I’m sold.
    • The Politician – Season 2 just dropped and I watched the whole thing in 2 days.
    • Selling Sunset – House porn. Pure house porn. (Side note: this was created by Adam Divello, known for Laguna Beach/The Hills and he definitely has a distinct style.)
    • Perry Mason – This HBO miniseries is not the Perry Mason show I remember from the 80s. This is an origin story where Mason is not yet the famous attorney we know and love. Here, he’s working as a two-bit private investigator in 1932 LA. The cast is great and I’m enjoying seeing this version of California.
    • Red Oaks – This is not a new show, just new to me (in fact, it ended 3 years ago). It’s an 80s coming-of-age story about a college kid working at a country club. Think: Caddyshack but from a younger, staff perspective. You can find it on Amazon Prime.
  • Podcasts:
    • Broadway Backstory – If you’re into Broadway, this is a good one to learn how your fave shows made it to the stage
    • Deadline City – This show is co-hosted by a fave YA author (and champion of diverse books), Dhonielle Clayton. She and Zoraida C√≥rdova give you a peek behind the curtain of the YA publishing world. From character studies (analyzing the sidekick) to the rules of magic to real talk on how you get paid, they cover every aspect of the writing process.