Twenty Twenty One

The pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions meant last year’s goals had to shift a bit. I’m happy with what I accomplished, particularly given the challenges of a strange and disorienting year, but I’m eager to work towards new goals in 2021 – keeping in mind there’s a new normal at play.

Please note: I know these resolutions may seem frivolous, particularly when there are major issues plaguing our country right now. Trust that I have more personal, serious goals in place that I will be working towards throughout the year. Some of those, like reflections on anti-racism and activism, you’ll see represented in their own posts because they’re just *that* important; others, like goals for my marriage or specifics on my finances, won’t be shared here but are definitely being considered allll the time. This post is meant to be a bit lighter and serve as a reminder that [for me] it’s also those little things that need attention when it comes to setting the tone for the year.

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  1. I started a collection of oyster plates at the end of last year and I want to keep it going. My goal is to purchase at least 3 more this year. I’m picky, with a specific look in mind and a limited budget, so I don’t want to rush it.
  2. I need to be better about using my vacation days! True, this was a weird year and I continued to hold onto my days in the hopes that the pandemic would be tamed and I could go on one or two week-long vacations. But even if I had been able to do that, I would have still had days left so I need to remember to take a couple random personal days each month – it’s so important for mental health!
  3. Keep a household calendar. We started this last year and I really like having it up on our fridge. During “normal” times, it’s nice for each of us to know when the other has a work event and will be home late. And, of course, it’s always fun to see an upcoming vacay show up when you flip the page. We used Artifact Uprising and I love that the photos themselves can be torn off at the end of the year so we have a way to save our favorite photos from the previous year. Again, in a normal year, I’d use photos from a profesh shoot we’d take on vacation and this becomes a nice excuse to have printed and saved copies of those pics. I actually just received my order for a 2021 calendar so I guess I can mark this goal DONE!
  4. Nurture another plant. I now have one success and…several…failures under my belt. But that one success gives me hope! I want to get a new plant to bring some life into this apartment and actually keep it alive in 2021.
  5. Up my correspondence game. I need to be better about writing/gifting friends and family.
  6. Devote time to building my Peaches to Apples social media presence.