Twenty Eighteen

Overall, I did pretty well with last year’s resolutions, particularly with my goal to improve my photography skills.  Buying a real camera was a big help with that one, and I’ve had a fun time learning how to use it.  I haven’t employed it on the blog as much as I’d like, but that’ll be phase two.  This year, however, I’ve got a whole new set of goals:

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I took a new approach to New Year’s Resolutions this year in that I actually started some of them before the new year.  For instance, I started scheduling classes at the gym in the last two weeks of December.  That way, once the new year rolled around, I had already formed the habit of exercising.  I also purchased the materials to satisfy resolution #1 (below) so I could get to work on that right when Jan 1 hit.  Hopefully getting a jump start on my goals means I’ll actually accomplish them this year!

  1. Start bullet journaling.  I’d love to use bullet journaling as a way to keep track of my blog posts and ideas (and things that are generally swimming around in my mind).  In addition to upping my organization game, I think this will also be a creative outlet that doesn’t require too much artistic ability.
  2. Plan a vacation.  After 4 years of no traveling, I went pretty nuts globetrotting in 2017.  My love of exploring has been reignited and I now have three trips I’d like to plan for this year.  I know I might not make them all happen, but I need to prioritize making at least one of these dream trips a reality.
  3. Uphold Mitzvah Monday.  When Albert gave blood recently, I told him he did a very nice thing and explained to my Catholic beau the concept of a mitzvah.  He happened to do his good deed on a Monday; thus, the concept of Mitzvah Monday was born.  I would like to make sure I do [at least] one good deed a week and by giving it a name and a time slot, I’m hoping I can actually make it happen.
  4. Join a run club.  After Karina told me about Harlem Run Club, I thought it could be a great way to stay in shape, make friends, and truly join our new Harlem community.
  5. Contribute a piece of writing.  I got over a fear when I attended a writing workshop and shared some of my work.  Now it’s time for step 2: actually submitting a piece of my writing somewhere.  The ultimate goal is, of course, to be published, but I’ll be happy just to overcome the fear that comes along with submitting.
  6. Buy myself a nice new bag.  For a while, I had been telling myself I was saving money for a fun purchase but never actually did anything about it.  Without physically taking the money out of my account, I always ended up spending it elsewhere.  Around November, I started taking out $100/month (sometimes more, sometimes less) and stashing the cash in an envelope.  Since I’m not taking out a ton of money at a time, I don’t really feel any difference in my lifestyle.  Basically, it meant only taking 4 boutique fitness classes per month instead of six and ordering Seamless two times per weekend instead of three.  The amount I’m taking is small enough that I don’t notice when it’s gone, but it’s large enough that it quickly adds up.  I have my eye on a couple fancy bags and can’t wait to make one of them my own.  It’ll be nice to bring home something luxurious without feeling like I starved myself to get it.  It will also be nice to treat myself to something pretty “just because.”