Twenty Nineteen

I managed to do pretty well with my most recent resolutions. Running, writing, and journaling all got some serious attention in 2018. Some of my goals stalled a bit when my company shut down. Without a job, it did not seem prudent to spend money on a designer bag, for instance. Now that it’s a new year, however, it’s time for some new goals!

  • Start keeping more cash on hand. I feel like this would come in handy and keep me from mindlessly overspending.
  • Decorate. I don’t want to completely finish decorating because I think collecting art is a process and something we look forward to on our travels, but I’d like to finish a couple projects (like the black and white photo wall in our bedroom) to make our home feel even more home-y.
  • Read a book in French. I can tell my French is getting rusty so I’m vowing to read a novel en français to practice. I recently found a copy of Confessions of a Shoppaholic” at The Strand that had been translated into French. I’ve never read the original book (I’m not one for chick lit), but I’ve seen the movie. I’m hoping the less cerebral genre and my familiarity with the story will mean it’s easier for me to read.
  • Create an annual video. I have always loved photos, but I’ve been getting into video as a memento lately. I loved the quick video I pieced together from our honeymoon and actually re-watch it often. I’m hoping I can start using the 1 Second Everyday app to document each year.

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