Quarantine Q&A: Update (Part 3)

We are are still quarantined and that doesn’t seem like it’s changing anytime soon so I figured I’d keep this recommendation engine running – we’re all looking for stuff to do, right?! Check out previous posts here and here for other ideas.


  • Cooking/Recipes:
    • Everything from Half Baked Harvest – I recommend buying her Super Simple cookbook.
    • Pasta – I finally used the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid and am wondering why I didn’t start making pasta from scratch sooner.
    • Pickling – I ordered a set of lidded jars so I can store the coffee I’m now grinding myself at home. I have some extra jars so I think it might be time to try my hand at pickling…or maybe I’ll just use the jars to store candy.
    • Craft Cocktails – Just populate MakeMeACocktail.com with all the ingredients you have stocked at home and it’ll tell you what drinks you can make – how amazing is that?! I never would have thought to make a lemon drop martini but may have to whip one up. Apparently I can also make something called the Harvest Sparkle that looks delightful.
  • Other Activities:
    • Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – This looks like something fun to do! I’m interested to see how an escape room experience translates online.


  • Books:
    • Three Dark Crowns – After devouring the Caraval series, I’m craving another YA fantasy and this is shaping up to be my next pick
    • Dear Girls – I’m a fan of Ali Wong’s comedy so I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this collection of essays.
    • Normal People – This book has been on my TBR list for a while, but now that everyone is raving about the Hulu show, it’s about to jump up a few spots.
  • Movies:
    • Like a Boss – I heard it was cute. Good enough for me.
    • A Secret Love – This Netflix documentary looks wonderful
  • TV:
    • Family Karma – Obviously I’m watching the new seasons of RHOBH and RHONY, but don’t sleep on Bravo’s other new reality show following an Indian crew in Miami. Fun Fact: I went on a trip with one of the cast members two years ago and he told me he was going to be on this show – so cool to see it come to life!
    • The Baker and The Beauty – This is feel-good tv, for sure. While it’s not satirical, it has kind of a Jane The Virgin vibe…I think because it depicts such a tight-knit family and an out-of-their-league romance.
    • The Last Dance – Everyone is watching this Michael Jordan miniseries (hey, it’s the only new sports content being released) and this household is no exception.
    • Never Have I Ever – This high school comedy from Queen Mindy Kaling is adorable. I binged the full season in record time. I’m actually angry there were only 10 episode. Not nearly enough.
    • Riverdale – I think I may have to start bingeing this one. I was an Archie comics fiend when I was little. I know this bears no resemblance but still think it could be fun to sink my teeth into, especially since it seems to breed successful young talent.
    • Marie’s Crisis – It’s not really a movie, but one of my favorite West Village hangouts is live streaming on Facebook. If I can’t be drunkenly singing showtunes at the piano bar, I can at least pretend in my apartment.
  • Podcasts:
    • Netflix Is A Daily Joke – These short episodes are simply one joke from a comedian’s standup set. No discussion. No analysis. Just 4 really funny minutes at a time.
    • Seth Rudetsky’s Back to School – Broadway mainstay Rudetsky interviews famous folks about their high school experiences. Find out who was class clown and who was stuffed in a locker.